March 23, 2014

Reasons why I'm a stay at home mom

Probably once a month I tell my husband I want to work outside the home. And then I remind myself why I stay at home with my children.

My children were sent to me from Heavenly Father. Heavenly Father entrusted me with my three boys. I am their mother and no one else. No one else can mother them like I can. There is a reason God sent these specific souls to my household...for my growth and their own.

I stay home with my children because I would miss out on their "firsts." My husband complains that I usually see the first smile or the first step. Yes, I do.

I stay home with my children because they need an engaged mother in their development. I teach them what they need to know.

I discipline and teach my children my values. I can't trust another relative, neighbor or daycare worker with the moral development of my child.

I protect my children from harmful influences in the media and harmful people. I cannot monitor what a friend or grandparent watches in front of my children. My children might be exposed to mild to hard pornography, swearing, violence, rude humor, etc from their entertainment choices. I cannot trust any jolly-looking grandparent, neighbor, or daycare worker from sexually, physically or emotionally abusing my children.

I stay home so my children feel comfortable sharing their joys and sorrows with me. I hope to gain their trust for their teenage years ahead.

I instill independence in my children. I let them work out differences if they do it calmly. My oldest sometimes chooses on his own when he needs time alone.

I stay home to save us money. I make meals. I potty train the kids. I clean the house. I feed my kids. That saves so much in daycare, going out to eat, a maid service, etc.

This is where I belong.

Sometimes, I need an outlet. So I write, take walks with other moms, etc. There are other outlets like volunteering at church, school or scouting for a few hours a week. I take time away. We all need a chance to rejuvenate. I know a a full-time job would simply exhaust me where I couldn't give my best self to my children. My eternal joy is with my husband and children...not my coworkers.

Why do you enjoy or sometimes feel frustrated about being a mother?