August 30, 2018

Give Me Silence and a Nap

Via Public Domain Pictures
My husband's insurance has a health coach system. I have one coach emailing me about sleep. Right now I am just tired. The health coach keeps mentioning putting down electronics at night. How can I put children down at night?

I figured out that I like silence at night away from my husband and sons. That's why I stay up. I was the youngest child who was spoiled with silence when everyone moved out. I could escape to the empty rooms into silence. I lived in a rural town where I could wander out into silence in nature. Now I have four boys who are not silent.

My youngest has been crying a lot the last 18 hours, so I am a zombie. I haven't been able to relax last night or sleep in. I don't know when I am going to get a nap with doctor appointments and picking up kids and all the other hoopla today.

And that comes to my sleep hygiene. I probably need to avoid reading news or religious or political opinion close to bedtime. Stick to mindless games. I am still on my phone, but I know that it still relaxes me. I just need to relax my brain. I don't care what the health coach says about electronics.

I want sleep and silence!