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I'm Eileen and I am over three decades old--it sounds older when I say decades. I grew up in Utah and live here again as an adult.

When I turned eight, I moved from Northern Utah to Southeastern Utah. After a few years, I had a solidified group of friends that helped me all the way through college.We hiked, camped, and swam among red rocks and mountainous terrain. My friends and I participated in drama, band, and choir. I attempted tennis and cross country.

I attended a junior college in Southeastern Utah and I transferred to Brigham Young University. I started out majoring in English literature. In my Intro to English Language class, my professor mentioned that the linguists were looking into starting an English Language major. A year later, I was one of the first students to begin the English Language major that focused on the linguistics of English and not on literature. I can't tell you how much I hated studying Hamlet over and over.

I felt strongly during my second year (Senior) at BYU that I needed to teach in China. I found a program called International Language Programs that sends volunteer English teachers to various countries. The next winter, I went to China. I loved exploring China and getting to know the Chinese people. It was such a blessing for me because I grew to love another people.

After I came home from China, I submitted my mission papers. I was called to the San Antonio, TX mission. I spent nine weeks at the Provo Missionary Training Center while I honed my Spanish and gospel-teaching skills. I went to the mission and I struggled. The stress overwhelmed me and my missionary companion suggested I had bipolar. I came home after only five months and started on my journey coping with bipolar.

Soon after, a former roommate set me up on a blind date with her brother. Her brother and I had known about each other, but this was the first time we met in person. Later that year, we married in an LDS temple for time and all eternity. We moved to Idaho where my husband was attending BYU-Idaho. I had married a freshman in college and I only had 24 more credits to finish my Bachelor's. We spent five years in Idaho while he earned his degree. We moved to Provo for one semester so I could work on my degree. I then took two courses long-distance and one course at BYU-Idaho to finish my degree. I almost gave up on it, but my husband told me to finish it.

In Idaho, we had to two boys. Then we moved from the West Coast to the East Coast for my husband's internship and various jobs. We found a more permanent job in Utah and we are still here. We had our third and fourth boys here. So now my husband and I are raising four active sons.

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