December 30, 2013

Signs of a possible pedophile

I've made a list of a possible signs of a pedophile and how he or she may groom a child. Use your own judgment and the Spirit to determine what is useful from my list. The important element from all this is that the pedophile wants to isolate the child so he or she can abuse the child.

1. He or she may have a children's mecca away from people's line of sight.

2. He or she may obsessively volunteer to babysit children.

3. He or she may "change diapers" without informing a parent, or put the child to bed alone. This also prevents others from discovering any genital damage done to a baby.

4. He or she will isolate a child physically and emotionally.

5. He or she will manipulate and subtly threaten a child.

6. He or she may give away candy or toys in a secluded place.

7. He or she may host parties where children will be secluded in some way, like sitting on Santa's lap in a low visibility area.

Often, spouses or other loved ones will sometimes collaborate or try to hide the truth.  Family members are afraid of the truth because it will change their entire world view. The abusers and family members may orchestrate situations where someone else looks guilty.

Pedophiles are expert liars and manipulators. Their goal is to look trustworthy and deflect blame onto others. Anyone can be an abuser--the jolly-looking neighbor or relative, church leader, repairman, counselor, teacher, another child, etc. Most victims know their abuser.

Follow your gut instinct and the Spirit when protecting yourself and children. Children are so vulnerable. Stay calm if a child tells you anything. Get help from someone you trust. This is such a personal journey for each person.

If I Could...

During high school I became aware of others close to me who had suffered sexual abuse. I've known several victims over the last 15 years. I noticed some patterns among some of the victims, such as being suicidal. I have known of others who had ended their lives. These victims might not have even realized they had been violated.

Sexual abuse is a serious issue of mental health. My counselor told me that one of the first questions she asks is whether her patient knows if he or she was sexually abused. Mental health professionals are such a key to healing, but Jesus Christ is the ultimate source of healing.

My senior year, I began writing a book about a male teenage sexual abuse victim. His friend, a girl, tells the story from her point of view. This poem expresses my thoughts for victims.

If I could reach you, I would;
If you beseech me, I could.
If I could spare you the pain;
If you could share me your bane.

If I could free you from grief;
If you could see your belief.
If I could heal you I would;
If I could feel you, I could.

If I could save you this hour,
If I could have the right power.
If I could do all for you,
But I can’t do all for you.

Only Christ can heal your heart.
Only He can feel your part.
Only He can reach your soul.
Only he can make you whole.

December 02, 2013

Jesus' Life from the Perspective of Pre-mortal Spirits

At this time Christ descends,
I bid farewell to Him, my Friend.
As we tenderly embrace,
The tears roll down my swollen face.

I love thee, my dear Son;
Our divine purpose makes us one.

Father, I love thee too;
I’ll share thy word in all I do.

Goodbye Brother!
Goodbye Friend!
We wish thee well
‘Til thy journey’s end.

Goodbye Brother!
Goodbye Friend!
We love thee; we love thee!
To thy journey tend.

When Christ claims His birthright,
With joy, we illuminate the night!
Through a heavenly window,
We watch our Brother learn and grow.
Our hearts rejoice and sing
As John the Baptist baptizes our King.

By the touch of His hand
Many do learn to understand.
Through faith He heals the blind
And those without a peace of mind.

At this moment in time—
Precious, vital, sublime—
Our Savior is put to the test,
To do His very best.

He could give up,
Not drink from the bitter cup.
After all, it’s His choice.
Humbly softly speaks His voice:
I will fulfill.”

Those words, that conviction,
This story, non-fiction.
He bleeds from every pore—
Not just a drop or two, but much more,
Every sin, every pain—
For many a worlds’ reign.

Within Gethsemane,
Jesus the Christ lets out this plea:

Dear Father, can it be
This bitter cup can pass from me?

But this work must be done
By thee my perfect elder Son.

Not my will, but thy will
Which I do my best to fulfill.

Yes, my Son, yes that is right.
Thou canst do it; Thou art the Light.

 Upon His back lies our sin;
 He suffers so that we may win.
 No one can cry to sleep.
 Heavenly Father and Mother weep.

King of Kings is the news;
Art thou then the king of the Jews?

This reply from the Lamb:
Three Crosses

Thou sayest that a king I am.
I was born to this end
To bear of the truth to all men.

“Crucify him!” they cheer.
No! Not my elder Brother dear!
They spit out such mean scorns.
They press on His head a crown of thorns.
How can they disdain
A love so clear, so great, so plain?
Yet I hear past their lies
Their spirits howling painful cries.
The Roman soldiers nail
Christ to the cross who paid their bail.

Dear Father, please forgive them
For they know not that they condemn.
I send my spirit into thy hands.

Thou hast obeyed all my commands.
Now my heart extends to thee
In gratitude eternally!

In our hearts we agree,
Dear Savior, we thank thee!

The earth shudders.
Someone utters,
“Truly this was the Son of God.”

His body is not yet risen,
Mary at Tomb
He visits departed spirits in prison.

Mary Magdalene finds the empty tomb
And her heart fills with gloom.
But the risen Lord comes to Mary
For a short time to tarry.

We now know--
We are no longer bound to death.
We will have our second breath.
So begins a new story,
When he returns in full glory.