December 30, 2013

If I Could...

During high school I became aware of others close to me who had suffered sexual abuse. I've known several victims over the last 15 years. I noticed some patterns among some of the victims, such as being suicidal. I have known of others who had ended their lives. These victims might not have even realized they had been violated.

Sexual abuse is a serious issue of mental health. My counselor told me that one of the first questions she asks is whether her patient knows if he or she was sexually abused. Mental health professionals are such a key to healing, but Jesus Christ is the ultimate source of healing.

My senior year, I began writing a book about a male teenage sexual abuse victim. His friend, a girl, tells the story from her point of view. This poem expresses my thoughts for victims.

If I could reach you, I would;
If you beseech me, I could.
If I could spare you the pain;
If you could share me your bane.

If I could free you from grief;
If you could see your belief.
If I could heal you I would;
If I could feel you, I could.

If I could save you this hour,
If I could have the right power.
If I could do all for you,
But I can’t do all for you.

Only Christ can heal your heart.
Only He can feel your part.
Only He can reach your soul.
Only he can make you whole.