September 08, 2017

The Elusive Night's Sleep

Via Public Domain Pictures

My baby was supposed to be sleeping through the night consistently now. No, he does not. He still wakes in the early morning several times a week.

I have retired before 10:30 almost every night for 3 weeks, and I am still tired.

Whatever. Who needs sleep anyway?

Unfortunately, my Fitbit tells me how little sleep I get. Oh, look, 6 hours of sleep 3 nights in a row. I may lay in bed for 9 hours, but I spend 2-3 hours up with my baby or toddler or whatever. Hunger wakes me at 4 am. This morning, I was able to fall back asleep without eating for the first time in several weeks. My husband takes turns too with the baby and toddler. We are just doomed.

I am switching my mood stabilizer to a different one that is an appetite suppressant too. I don't believe it has affected my sleep. (It's the 2 foot army crawler affecting my sleep.) The new mood stabilizer helps racing thoughts, which I still experience on my current mood stabilizer. I won't go off my current mood stabilizer until I tolerate a high enough dose on the new one.

I adjust my sleep medicine to how tired I am the night before. Last night I took a higher dose, so that is why I am probably still tired today, but I am trying to make up for several missed hours earlier this week.

Do naps help? They keep me sane for an hour or three.

My baby and toddler never nap together or long enough together for the past month. What happened! By the time I wind down, my baby usually wakes.

I love when my toddler climbs in his baby brother's crib and shakes him awake. Such brotherly love.

I look forward to this weekend because I can sleep in!!!!!