November 26, 2013

Prayer for Rain Answered

"Desert Rain" by Ronald Carlson

A blessing from heaven
Falls to the desert sod,
Bringing to life
The creations of God.

Many prayers answered
To those with thirst.
Because of the pure rain,
Our joy simply bursts.

I grew up in the desert so we constantly prayed for "moisture," not even holding out for snow or rain all the time. We were thankful for sprinkles and a humid day. We really gave thanks to God when it rained or snowed. 

I find it ironic that we ask for more rain in a desert. Of course, we need rain. God also knows not to give too much water to a desert because it just all washes away. The soil can only handle so much rain. Reservoirs!

But there are great reasons to live in the desert too!

November 20, 2013

Slimy Sucker

"Candy" by Parshotam Lal Tandon
The little worm slowly and painfully dies
As I penetrate its outer disguise.
Eaten bit by bit, three by three
Chomp                                    Chomp                                    Swish                          Swish
Slimy sections slide silently
I’m sure by now no life still lingers
In its squishy tail I roll between my fingers.
My eyes dance and glimmer and scoff
At the shiny end where I just bit off.
Before its utter destruction, I pause
Then into my mouth the last bit draws.

I wrote this poem as an assignment my sophomore year of high school. We were told to describe what it felt like eating a gummy worm.

November 18, 2013

Princess in Disguise

"Cinderella Looking at the Stars" by Jourden C

I can see it in your eyes;
You’re a princess in disguise—
A princess searching for a prince
To establish a new province.

Ever since your mortal birth,
You search for him here on earth.
Just when your chances seem too slim,
Unexpectedly, you meet him.

You two seal for eternity
In the sacred temple of God.
Your souls fill with serenity
As you raise children on gospel sod.

Together you create worlds
And bring about salvation
For your many boys and girls
Settling new nations.

I bet you never knew
What could unfold from you.

During high school, I wrote this poem after seeing the animated movie Anastasia. I struggled as a teenager to see my worth as a daughter of God. Writing this poem helped me remember there was more than just the trials of teen angst. I was of divine heritage. 

The poem is quite simplistic. I read the part "your souls fill with serenity" because of children. Where's the serenity when boys chase each other in the TV room? My children fill me with peace when they are asleep.

I know some of us women never marry or are divorced. In my religion, we believe that we can still marry when we are resurrected. I look back and feel this poem lacks a woman's reality I now understand better. I wrote another poem here to reflect women's roles that we can't always control.

November 11, 2013

Moses Told Gold: "Man Is Nothing"

by Eileen Davis
"Chain" by George Hodan

What a boost to my ego!
So what am I—a zero?

A zero times zero forever—
Will it equal anything ever?

The infinite root of infinity
Equals zero eternally.

Therefore, as nothing
One day, I will be everything.

My potential as zero
Is that of a goddess hero.

I wrote this in college after my roommate mentioned a calculus principle she learned--the infinite root of infinity is zero. I couldn't find this exact principle, but I found a similar calculus principle on this website. Basically, 1 divided by x by greater numbers approaching infinity will be closer to zero, but never zero.

The reference to Moses is found in the LDS scripture, The Pearl of Great Price (Moses 1:10). This is revelation Joseph Smith received while he was studying the Bible. Moses had beheld all the creations of God and realized that man is nothing compared to God. This experience taught Moses that because of God, we could all one day become like Him.

November 08, 2013

Rhyming Poetry

by Eileen Davis

When you attempt to write a poem—
I can smell the ocean’s foam!—
Must you always end in a rhyme—
Boy, this line came just in time—
In order for it to be correct—
How d’ya like my southern dialect?—
According to all the regulations—
I will conquer all the nations!—
Outlined in every official handbook?
Book, cook, forsook, hook, look, nook, rook, took…

"Book" by George Hodan