November 11, 2013

Moses Told Gold: "Man Is Nothing"

by Eileen Davis
"Chain" by George Hodan

What a boost to my ego!
So what am I—a zero?

A zero times zero forever—
Will it equal anything ever?

The infinite root of infinity
Equals zero eternally.

Therefore, as nothing
One day, I will be everything.

My potential as zero
Is that of a goddess hero.

I wrote this in college after my roommate mentioned a calculus principle she learned--the infinite root of infinity is zero. I couldn't find this exact principle, but I found a similar calculus principle on this website. Basically, 1 divided by x by greater numbers approaching infinity will be closer to zero, but never zero.

The reference to Moses is found in the LDS scripture, The Pearl of Great Price (Moses 1:10). This is revelation Joseph Smith received while he was studying the Bible. Moses had beheld all the creations of God and realized that man is nothing compared to God. This experience taught Moses that because of God, we could all one day become like Him.