December 30, 2013

Signs of a possible pedophile

I've made a list of a possible signs of a pedophile and how he or she may groom a child. Use your own judgment and the Spirit to determine what is useful from my list. The important element from all this is that the pedophile wants to isolate the child so he or she can abuse the child.

1. He or she may have a children's mecca away from people's line of sight.

2. He or she may obsessively volunteer to babysit children.

3. He or she may "change diapers" without informing a parent, or put the child to bed alone. This also prevents others from discovering any genital damage done to a baby.

4. He or she will isolate a child physically and emotionally.

5. He or she will manipulate and subtly threaten a child.

6. He or she may give away candy or toys in a secluded place.

7. He or she may host parties where children will be secluded in some way, like sitting on Santa's lap in a low visibility area.

Often, spouses or other loved ones will sometimes collaborate or try to hide the truth.  Family members are afraid of the truth because it will change their entire world view. The abusers and family members may orchestrate situations where someone else looks guilty.

Pedophiles are expert liars and manipulators. Their goal is to look trustworthy and deflect blame onto others. Anyone can be an abuser--the jolly-looking neighbor or relative, church leader, repairman, counselor, teacher, another child, etc. Most victims know their abuser.

Follow your gut instinct and the Spirit when protecting yourself and children. Children are so vulnerable. Stay calm if a child tells you anything. Get help from someone you trust. This is such a personal journey for each person.