April 05, 2014


Last October, my women's church group (Relief Society) held an activity about self-defense. I learned new ideas to defend myself and my family.

Prevention is your best self-defense. (1) Follow the Spirit. (2) Be with someone else, especially in the dark. Criminals don't like witnesses. (3) Avoid dangerous places, especially in the dark. (4) Lock your car or house. Always lock the deadbolt because a doorknob lock is very easy to break. Lock your windows too. Block pet entrances. (5) Have a loud dog--even if it's small. The dog will alert the neighbors there might be an intruder. (6) Get in good physical shape so you can hit, kick, block, bite and run. (7) Review an escape plan with your family. (8) Stay in well-lit areas. (9) Possibly carry a self-defense item. This is a personal choice. (10) Take some sort of self-defense course. (11) Teach your children to defend themselves.

If someone captures you, run! It doesn't matter if that person has a knife or a gun. You have a better chance at survival if you run. (Wear good running shoes.) Most knife wounds and gun wounds will not kill you. Besides, the abductor will most likely kill you after he or she beats you.

Scream. That draws attention to the criminal. He or she most likely doesn't want to be recognized or caught.

Fight dirty. Give the criminal bruises, bite marks, and wounds. Use whatever techniques you need to.

Scratch. Now you've got the criminal's DNA under your fingernails.

Take a good look at his or her face. That way you can describe his or her appearance to legal authorities and identify him or her later on.

Best rule of all, follow the Spirit. Heavenly Father wants you to stay safe.

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