April 17, 2014

The Sanctity of Marriage and Family

The family is ordained of God and has been since Adam and Eve. Families are central to Heavenly Father's plan for us to return to heaven. This is why Satan seeks to destroy the family.

The purpose of the family is to create a unit of love and support for a husband, wife, and children. Children need both their mother and their father who love and forgive each other. The husband and wife relationship cements the family together. 

How does Satan seek to destroy families?

Others Butting In

Satan tries to divide husband and wife through outside influences. Sometimes, parents, friends, and other relatives put strain on the marital relationship. If we find ourselves interfering in someone else's marriage, we need to butt out. We can only offer helpful advice. A husband and wife can choose to follow that advice, but, ultimately, they need to work out their differences together in a civil manner.

Once children are adults, they create a new family unit. Adult children can seek help from their parents and other relatives, but they need to rely on their spouses.

Divorce and Single Parenthood

Satan makes divorce and single parenthood look fashionable. Hollywood glamorizes broken families. So many stars have broken marriages, so they want to justify their actions by portraying divorce and single parenthood as healthy. 

Being a single parent sucks. I know single mothers who are jealous of healthy marital relationships. They would love to find a supportive spouse. (Sometimes being a single parent is inevitable because of death, abuse, an unrepentant ex-spouse, etc.) Single parents have the opportunity to find someone else when they are ready.

Children as Pawns

Too often a mother or father will refuse visiting rights to the other parent. One parent will claim he or she has something else planned for the children. Or the parent won't contact the other parent. Or the parent will not show. Parents are the adults and should act like adults. Only selfish parents refuse to let their children see the other parent. (Exception: an abusive parent--not just one falsely accused of abuse.)

Visiting children should not be used for revenge on the other parent because of a grudge. Children need to see, hear, and physically feel that the other parent loves them. This includes video chats, calls, and physical visits. Email and letters do not cut it. The mother or father may not share emails and letters; the mother or father may even delete emails or destroy letters.

Sex Outside of Marriage

Cheating on a spouse or having sex before marriage destroys families. A spouse deserves a faithful companion in thought and action. Adultery often begins with being emotionally involved with someone else. 

Having sex outside of marriage shows disrespect to that partner and to any possible child. And, no, birth control is never one hundred percent effective; only abstinence in 100% effective. Abstinence is possible: it takes great self-control. When you practice abstinence, you gain self-confidence.

Living Together or Being Eternally Engaged

An unmarried couple living together often says they don't need a piece of paper to show commitment. Or else they say that being engaged is enough. There is nothing legally binding that couple together. God does not view living together as a proper marriage. Children don't benefit from this situation. It sets the example to children that their parents aren't committed to them as fully as they could be. 

Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Relationships

Same-sex attraction is difficult. God knows this and loves you. He gives everyone challenges of a different nature. There are many factors that cause these desires, but it is just like any other challenge that can be overcome. (I do not advocate dating or marrying the opposite gender as therapy. Until that person is ready, he or she cannot fully commit to a heterosexual relationship.)

Same-sex attracted individuals cannot physically bear biological children in a homosexual relationship. Adopted, foster, and surrogate-birthed children brought into homosexual and bisexual relationships do not learn how to treat the opposite gender. They are socially inhibited. (I believe same-sex attracted individuals can still be good parents. If a child is legally adopted by both parents, the law has to recognize visitation rights to both parents.)

Finally, same-sex marriages are not binding in heaven. No one can change the eternal law of marriage between a man and a woman. God does not change his mind. He will change policies, but never eternal laws.


We all need a cohesive family unit. We make the best of whatever family situation we are in. We have hope that any family can be mended. During the Millennium, any families that are broken will have the chance to come together again. God makes all things possible.

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