June 09, 2014

Summer Daze

I'm feeling nostalgic today about summer.

During the summer, I read a lot of books. I also wrote my books (not great ones as of yet). My friends or family and I would go swimming at the reservoir or at the pool. I loved swimming. My friends and I also went on hikes around the Four Corners area.

Every summer, my church group sponsored a Young Women's Camp. I loved roughing it and being with so many of my friends. We could be silly and no boys would know about it. We also ate camping food, which is always good.

One spring, my friends and I camped under the open stars and cooked a tin foil dinner. I loved seeing the stars and watching the sun rise. Nature brought such peace.

So summers were fun. I still have fun summers now. My boys and I went swimming last week and they enjoyed that. They enjoy playing in water as much as I used to. Ah, I want to float on my back and not hear anyone through the water.