September 30, 2014

Mortal Life: Stuck in the Middle

Being a human feels so hard sometimes. Our bodies have so many problems. I think of all the challenges that come with mortal life and I wonder why we have to go through this before being resurrected with a perfect body.

So here are the reasons I can think of why we are here on earth:

1. Get a physical body. My belief is that Heavenly Father has a physical body. Since we are commanded to strive to be like Him, then we need physical bodies too. (We'll get the perfect bodies later.)

2. Drive our heavenly parents insane. We were like babies as spirits and now we're spiritual teenagers with bodies. We're testing our wings.

3. Make our own choices that can only happen in physical bodies. We're free to mess up our lives and others' lives, or improve ourselves and help others. We can see that we are happier when we make good choices, even though we may have temporary sadness.

4. Learn. We learn all the time. We learn even faster when we find and obey truth.

Being stuck in the middle of mortal life is part of our eternal progression. We can't go from dough to cookies. We've got to bake somewhere in the middle and it burns!