October 22, 2014

I Feel Trapped!

"Busy Clerk"
 by Vera Kratochvil
Several months ago, I told my husband I wanted to work outside the home after a trying day with the kids. I expounded how I felt trapped, repeating mundane chores, and overwhelmed. The kids only whined and wouldn't help out. The house was dirty and the kids only made it messier. I could go on.

My husband said, "I feel trapped too! I'm stuck at a desk for eight hours a day, every day."

I was stunned. He was "trapped" too and he likes his job most of the time. He has dealt with whiny coworkers and customers. His work is repetitive too. He has projects that overwhelm him. I've forgotten what it was like to work outside the home. I felt overwhelmed at times and had some unpleasant situations.

I realized that neither of us really has the advantage over the other. Being at home or working has pros and cons. But hey, when my coworkers and customers act childish, I can legally send them to their room.