February 27, 2015

Generic "Men," Adam Rules, and More

"Praying Woman" by Petr Kratochvil
I've read some blogs where women question the roles within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and other religions. Others are just trying to figure out where they fit. We do know women are equal in the eyes of God, just as men. One is not above the other. There are many aspects I do not understand regarding women's roles. I found some answers in this talk by Gordon B. Hinckley. Even he admitted he doesn't know all the answers.

Why do scriptures usually use "men" instead of "men and women"?

I do understand why the scriptures usually refer to "men" and not "men and women." Men, mankind, etc., are often generic terms for humankind, male and female. You can usually tell by context whether "men" refers to male and female. The terms took on a narrower meaning of only males over time. When you read more current scripture, like the Doctrine and Covenants, and Conference talks "male and female" are both mentioned instead of a generic "mankind."

So you know, I disagree with anyone berating another for saying "men" when that person meant "men and women." We can gently tell someone about inclusive language, or just understand what they meant and not the literal words. After all, language is imperfect.

In Genesis 3:16, God said to Eve "[Adam] shall rule over thee." Why should the husband rule over the wife?

Pres. Hinckley says he doesn't know why God said this, but this does not give men the excuse to abuse, belittle, or otherwise hurt women. I wish I understood this too. I try to reason what I can out in my mind. A man "rules" as Jesus Christ ruled--as a servant.

A woman's responsibility is to receive her own confirmation to anything her husband says or asks. A wife only follows her husband as he follows God's commandment. Otherwise, she follows God alone.

A husband and wife counsel as equals and follow the Spirit together. Sometimes, a wife helps the husband stay on the strait and narrow, and other times the husband helps the wife. Marriage is a mutual work.

What about Heavenly Mother?

Our knowledge about Heavenly Mother is veiled like a bride is veiled. We know she's there helping behind the scenes fulfilling the role as our mother. Eventually, we will know more about her. She will be unveiled at some point--most likely when God the Father is held sacred, so he knows she will be held sacred too (my opinion).

Some have tried to pray to Heavenly Mother, but Jesus instructed us to pray to Heavenly Father. Heavenly Mother is probably listening in on the prayers too.

Whatever the question, we need to seek answers with faith from the scriptures, prophets, righteous leaders, the Spirit, and God. Sometimes the answer may be to wait to find out.

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