April 03, 2015

Every Six Months, LDS General Conference Rolls Around

"Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square"
 by kennejima
General Conference is held in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah on the first weekends in April and October. Leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints preach from the pulpit for five two-hour sessions. We learn about Jesus Christ, family, and many other topics.

Reasons I Don't Go to the Physical Conference

As a rule, I don't attend the actual General Conferences even though I have lived in Utah about 25 out of my almost 32 years. I have been on the outside of Conference sessions many times because I was too young, babysitting, or hanging around. I've never had an insatiable desire to attend a meeting because I can enjoy listening on the couch or running errands. If I wanted to go, I'd have to find tickets. Too much of a bother. Besides, I'm usually napping during the afternoon sessions because of the brain dump (never staying up too late).

Why'd They Change Daylights Savings Time to March and November?

I miss that the time change is no longer on these leisurely weekends. Of course, I'd ban the time change on the principle of man messing with the sun and circadian rhythms. Politicians are crazy passing daylight savings time every year.

Announcements and Answers

I look forward to new announcements, but that rarely happens. I was excited when President Gordon B. Hinckley announced the Monticello, Utah temple, the first mini temple. I lived only 21 miles away as a teenager and young adult. I was married in this temple. Other temple announcements are fun to hear too. Sometimes, I hear answers to prayers or receive comfort.

Now I'll see what this next Conference holds...more or less the same.

I wrote more about General Conference for NewsCastic, "LDS General Conference Weekend: 7 Traditions and Annoying Aspects."

You can go to lds.org to listen this weekend.

What do you enjoy/dislike about General Conference?