May 11, 2015

Weight Loss Struggle

"Scale" by Megan Shannon
Probably about once a week I feel discouraged because of the lack of weight loss. I do well some of the time and then stumble. I look around and see I'm not alone in the struggle. Others are overweight or underweight; some using food as a loss of control mechanism. I've met some women who want to gain weight and can't. If only we could trade fat from body to body. Even those who maintain a healthy weight struggle.

Weight gain is common when taking medicine for mental illnesses and other illnesses. I gained probably about forty pounds from the different medicines I've taken over the years. Birth control adds to the weight gain too. Then it's more difficult after having children. The odds are often stacked against people.

We also think it's a simple calories in and calories burned. That's not always the case because there are many factors involving weight issues. Many bodies are different and a healthy diet can be different from person to person. Medical issues also contribute: thyroid conditions, depression, imbalance of chemicals in the body, etc.

Recently, I gained seven pounds within six weeks. My psychiatrist said it was probably from lack of sleep. I stay up too late at night and don't recover. I also eat more during this time. I went to bed earlier for a couple weeks and went down five pounds. Sleep makes a difference!

Food issues usually stem from emotional and control issues. It begins a vicious pleasure/guilt cycle turning into compulsive eating, or lack of eating. The key is to break that cycle. "I made a mistake and move on." Got to work on this.

Exercise makes a big difference too in how I feel. I know it helps me sleep better and increase my metabolism. However, when I don't get enough sleep, I don't feel like exercising. Ah, the vicious cycles :). When exercising, don't forget muscle toning. That increases metabolism too.

If only we didn't need food, but we do. So we struggle with weight issues on both ends of the spectrum. Now it's time for a nap.