June 10, 2015

A Child's Health Problems Are Heart Wrenching

My son's left club foot as an infant
I scroll through my Facebook news feed and I see the updates on several babies that were born prematurely or have other health problems. It hurts my heart seeing babies and children suffer. It is the ultimate torment for any parent. What must Heavenly Father feel for us?

My Experiences

When my oldest was four, he had a burst appendix. Because the appendix ruptured, my oldest had to be on IV antibiotics for several days after surgery. He was so dehydrated that multiple nurses and anesthesiologists couldn't get an IV in. I broke down during that time worrying about my son. A neighbor dropped by and gave me hug, which brought me through the moment. He went to a bigger hospital as a result. The doctor knocked him out with a shot and then the team went to work. It was quite interesting seeing my oldest go into a very relaxed state and sleep. I was so relieved when he came home and had no further complications.

My youngest baby was in the hospital for five days after being born. I was so stressed and sleep deprived. I just wanted him to come home. He came home on oxygen and a oxygen monitor, which I wanted to bash into the wall when it beeped through the night. I was so relieved when we got rid of all the medical equipment four weeks later and my infant was better.

I Pray for the Baby

When I see a baby hurting on Facebook, I say a short prayer before I forget. I hope those prayers make the difference for each baby, but not all babies get better. I can only imagine a portion of what the parents must be going through. People who make it through are amazing.

I know God cares for each child and loves them so much, even when they don't become better. I remember the promise that when we are resurrected, we will have a perfect body. Right now is just a test that feels like eternity. Other children God brings home early. We have a promise that we will be able to raise that child during Christ's Millenial Reign. That can give some comfort, but life will still be difficult. Through God's plan we have hope to cling to, though it may seem insignificant.

The Health Problem Becomes the Norm

In my own experience, we become accustomed to dealing with our child's health problems. It simply becomes habit. My youngest had a club foot, so we have seen an orthopedist since he was two months old. That was quite involved with all the casting and orthopedic shoes afterward, but not as stressful as being on oxygen. I became very used to the doctor changing casts weekly for the first few months after my son's birth. Then he wore the orthopedic shoes during the day and soon only at night. It's became a process of daily life. Admittedly, a club foot is so much easier to take care than other medical issues. I'll take my problems over anybody else's.

I hope we can all come to terms with children's hardships and learn how we can help and how we can accept what we can't change. We simply do our best.

How have you coped with a child's health issues?