April 29, 2014

I'm Right, You're Wrong

How often do I want to say these words? I think "I'm right; you're wrong!" many times. That's because I am right, even if it doesn't matter :).

Abraham Low, a cognitive behaviorist, taught that we don't need to go for the "symbolic victory." This only raises our tempers and raises our physical tension.

Often there is no right or wrong to many situations. It's merely a matter of opinion. Sometimes we just beat our heads against the wall.

Really, everyone wants to be heard and understood. We want to feel validated, whether we are right or wrong. We can disagree agreeably.

There are moral absolutes, but often these absolutes can be communicated in a kind way. We need to avoid contention.

Sometimes we just need to swallow our pride and say "I'm sorry." I'll keep working on it.