May 05, 2014

Freelance Work for Stay-at-Home-Parents

I've found oDesk to be a good freelancing site. This is a good resource for parents who need to work some while still staying at home with their children. I take frequent breaks with my kids while doing this part time.

You can do secretarial work, data entry, transcribing, writing emails, and areas of expertise. You don't have to be an expert for some of the freelance jobs. Of course, it helps to have a degree and experience. Beware of some jobs. Some college students will pay you to do their papers. Some people pay you to make comments about their products on other people's blogs--unethical, but not illegal. Some employers bid really low because of a limited budget and freelancers from other countries don't need as high of wages as the U.S. That works.

Some experience does not have to be official work experience. Think of all the volunteer work you do at church, a shelter, your child's school or wherever. Being a parent and running a household is experience. If you deal with certain illnesses, you are an expert in that area. Do you know a second language? Almost anything counts as experience. Have someone who knows how to write a resume well help you.

I started part-time freelance writing a month ago. I've written some articles for Single Parents Survival Guide. The site won't officially launch for about another week. My articles will include co-parenting relationships, co-parenting discipline, healing from an abusive relationship, child custody etiquette, and what to do if the other parent is abusive. Probably not all of this articles will appear on the site, but we will see. I'm excited about it :).

I'm also ghostwriting, but that's hush-hush. I'll be writing some novellas. I am currently working on the first one.