May 20, 2014

Humorous Poem


The aliphatic azaleas and arnicas swayed in the wind
As the avaricious anopheles mosquitoes spinned
While searching for aphelion and astrogators beneath the flowers.
The accelerometer (run by abaci) was at its apex of agog powers.

The annular anopheles airdrome availed in Alsace-Lorraine
When Azimuth Axial Avast the farmer came hobbling on his cane
Aimed ready to spray Aquanaut on those stupid mosquitoes.
Their state quickly abdicated to that of an abattoir of woes.

One apoplectic mosquito was actuating his descent.
Despite his agnosticism, he prayed with fervent ardor to dent
The heavens above when an amateurish anopheles police chief
Saved the apoplectic one that confirmed his new-found belief.

My junior year, I joined the writing club. At one meeting, the leader challenged us to use as many words possible from some words she selected from the dictionary. I used all the words, even though some may not be used correctly. Nevertheless, it was enjoyable.