July 05, 2014

Managing Mental Illness

I've learned that managing mental health takes several approaches, each one is necessary for my success. I need to address my spiritual, emotional, and physical needs.

Medicine can help manage mental illness because it balances chemicals in the brain. I go to a psychiatrist--not a regular practitioner--to manage my medicines. Sometimes, you may not need medicine at some point, but you should only do so under the care of a psychiatrist.

Going to a counselor, or talking with someone, addresses emotional and social needs. Medicine alone will not solve all the problems. You may not need to see a counselor often, but they teach coping techniques that you can use for the rest of your life. These techniques will help even if you can't get medication.

Maintaining my physical health and exercising makes a big difference in my mood. Exercise is like a magic pill.

Group meetings can also be effective. I used to attend a local Recovery International group. I use the cognitive therapy techniques even though I no longer attend any of the free meetings.

God wants to help manage mental illness. I pray for help often. Jesus Christ also suffered my pains and understands my pain associated with my mental illness. I can access the power of his Atonement through prayer and priesthood blessings. He acts as a comforter.

God doesn't solve my problems, but he helps me cope. Otherwise, I wouldn't have empathy for others and I wouldn't grow.

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