September 16, 2014

God Loves You for Who You Are

I watched the movie Mom's Night Out tonight. I enjoyed watching it because it had a good plot and comedy. It also had a good message that wasn't contrived. (I sometimes go crazy when I watch well-meaning movies that haven't been done well.)

Anyway, the main character learns that she is not a failure. God loves her for who she is. She feels imperfect, but she can't expect to be perfect. She put the pressure on herself.

Many years ago, I felt God telling me that I am special because of who I am, what I do, and what I say. So all of us are special because of who we are, the good things we do, and the good things we say.

We are all children of Heavenly Father. We each have unique gifts that only we possess as individuals. We can help each other along this path of life even with our imperfections.