October 14, 2014

Homeostasis in Abusive Homes

"Have a Seat" by Linnaea Mallette
We all like to be in our comfort zone--even if that zone isn't always the best place to be spiritually, emotionally, or physically. We fight when someone tears down our walls.

This concept of homeostasis applies to abusive homes and situations. No one wants to rock the boat in an abusive home, even if they've left that home. The abuser instills fear that runs deep in victims, witnesses, and favorites. He or she uses that to manipulate others. When someone breaks through that barrier, often no one wants to follow because of the consequences. Also, they are used to feeling beat down and, thus, they distrust unfamiliar, yet positive, influences.

Some victims, witnesses, or friends in the family will not incur the subtle wrath of the abuser. They are almost hardwired to close in ranks when someone threatens the abuser. Family members and friends sometimes defend the abuser and accuse the whistle blower or victim.

If you are stuck in an abuser's web, please break free. Please do what you can to help other victims caught in the web. You may need to call authorities, inform parents, or do other things. So often these victims are physically, emotionally, or spiritually unable to defend themselves, but you can make a difference.