October 28, 2014

To Thrift Store Managers

I've walked into some charity thrift stores and I've cringed at the prices. The prices defeat the purposes of the charitable organization. But you have to apply some economics to understand.

1. You have a limitless supply of donated items, so you don't have to worry about making a certain amount per item.

2. Higher prices means fewer customers. Customers will buy more at lower prices and you will make more money. Besides, you'll save money on trash.

3. Price items below what you can buy them at Wal-Mart! Used items should really be less than half the price of new items. Remember, you have a limitless supply.

4. Thrift stores are supposed to provide items to others for an affordable price. Not everyone needs things given to them, but they do need to make ends meet on a budget.

I know people who avoid certain thrift stores because of the prices. These stores are losing money even though they think they're making more. Your goal is to make money to support your employees and other charity work you perform--not to hang onto items and throw more in the trash.

Thanks for reading.

Crazy Redhead