November 19, 2014

Uptight Guardian Angels

"Smiling Grandma..." by Steven Depolo
I pray for guardian angels to protect my children, my nephews, and nieces. I pray angels for other children in need. These angels know who we are, though we may not know who they are.

My paternal grandma seemed like such an uptight woman. She put plastic on her couches when my siblings and I came over and she tried to contain us in one section of the downstairs. She liked order, cleanliness, and quiet--the antithesis of my brothers and me. Perhaps my view was skewed since my grandma passed away when I was twelve years old.

A few years ago I wondered what my grandma would think of my rowdy, messy, unruly sons. I realized that she loves her rowdy great-grandsons. She no longer has OCD as a spirit. In fact, she has taken over as their guardian angel.

My grandma is a guardian angel over my children, and her many other great-grandchildren. She sees the present danger over her great grandchildren and she warns us when someone threatens them. Maybe she cushioned my insane boy who jumped off the top bunk. She must be a busy angel.