December 06, 2014

Take a Sledge Hammer to Your Washer

"Cat in the Washer" by  Luke Jones
I'm finally done writing and editing my laundry articles. So glad to be done. If you can't tell that I'm sick of laundry, then come see the sledge hammer next to my washer. Fine, I'm not that extreme. I don't want to hand wash clothes for a family of five.

I have another thought: wear one pair of clothes per week. Then it's quite manageable to hand wash clothes.

One day laundry will come to an end. I think of a time when we will have immortal bodies that won't get smelly. That means we won't have to do laundry in the afterlife, right?

What are your fond memories of laundry? Or do you want to burn all your clothes? Share your thoughts.