December 03, 2014

Don't Shoot the Whistle Blower!

"Green Whistle" by Steven Depolo
Do we know how many atrocities have been stopped because of whistle-blowers? We have no idea, but more atrocities were avoided because whistle blowers revealed the truth. They are those brave people who risked their lives, families, and reputations. So don't shoot the messenger!

I mourn how society, family, friends, media, and leaders ridicule whistle blowers and victims. This victim-blaming hurts us as a whole and no victim should suffer more. It's not the victim's fault. It is the fault of the offender who hurt another person. Now imagine you are ridiculed for telling the truth. You hope someone will take you seriously then.

Whistle blowers are holding the offenders accountable. Offenders often won't change without being held accountable by society, family, and religious leaders. This is a matter of tough love for the offender.

Sometimes we don't know how to treat a whistle blower or victim. We are hesitant to believe them or want to deny it all. If what they say is true, it changes our world view. It hurts most when we have to change our view about close family and friends.

Still, look seriously into the allegations and take precautions, even if you don't believe the whistle blower. We need to evaluate our own loyalties, fears, and other blinders when searching for the truth. Follow the Spirit, or your gut, which will speak to both your mind and your heart (See D & C 8:2).

Often we can't verify through evidence about what really happened since it may be a case of he said/she said. Several scenarios are possible where the victim blamed the wrong person, or the victim is really the offender. The situation may be very complex because of manipulation. We may have to accept that we will never know the truth. Whatever happens, the victim, whistle blower, and offender all need understanding and love.