August 16, 2015

Here Goes...Random Musings

"Assorted Footprints" by Peter Griffin
I keep erasing what I'm going to write. Why should I erase anything if I plan on having it be random? Ah, but this must be methodical madness randomness.

My boys are obsessed with Pokemon right now. That's their favorite show, theme song, and computer game. My oldest sings along with the theme songs. I remember Pokemon being popular when I was in grade school. Kids sat under the portico and traded Pokemon cards. My kids don't have Pokemon cards, but they find lots of Pokemon games online.

Netflix has revived so many of the older shows, but 25 years ago is only like a blink of an eye. I'm not even that old, but time goes fast. However, time goes slow when my oldest has to wait. It even is achingly slow for me hearing his complaints.

I'm debating about stuff to write. I have so many ideas that run through my brain. I mentioned this on Make a Living Writing blog. The editor, Carol Tice, said "triage." I have to prioritize what to write.

I've applied to several freelance jobs online, but haven't had any bites the last couple weeks. My goal is to get paid more than what I've applied for in the past. Basically, I worked for like a dollar an hour after dividing out the fixed price. That's pathetic! No, I'm worth way more than that. But then, I turned down one job earlier this summer...if they would pay me. They said they'd only pay for the article if they liked it. However, they would still publish the article online for my "portfolio." I don't think so. I need to work on cold calling.

I'm working on a blog post about the painful quest of truth. Hopefully, I'll work on it to get out this week. I feel like it's been so crazy this summer that I rarely write. I've also divided my time among my other blogs. I'm writing more serious pieces here that I want to be just right. Sometimes, I just have to spit it out. Get it out there.

And there's the random musings of a random redhead.

What musings are on your brain?