March 21, 2017

I Compare Myself to "Normal"

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My husband said that I probably had more trouble with a situation over the last two weeks because of my bipolar. It exacerbates my emotions.

Yea, I didn't take that kindly. My thought was, "I'm a crazy witch/*itch."

I had a fit of inner temper and some outer temper at him. I cried.

I try to separate "normal" emotion from "bipolar" emotion all the time. I don't know which is which. So, I compare myself to "normal."

I asked my husband, "What is normal?"

He said that we consider "normal" as perfect so it is an unfair comparison. We compare ourselves to an impossible standard that doesn't exist.

However, I still wonder what my emotions would be like without bipolar.

I wrote this two weeks ago.

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