May 16, 2014

Clean Entertainment

I've read Regency Romance novels for several years without coming across one that is erotic in any nature (probably because they're from moral authors). Well, I stopped reading one today. I got third-way through the book without anything beyond kissing. Now I'm just upset because I was hoping it wouldn't be like that. I still want to finish the book because I'm invested in the story.

I stopped reading it anyway. But the devil sure makes certain entertainment enticing. We all have sexual desires that are so easy to stimulate. It's just so tempting to give into viewing, listening, or reading erotica, explicit jokes, and pornography. Good thing God allows for repentance since most of us have fallen into this trap.

Sexual desires are God-given, so that humans procreate and men and women can express love toward one another. Those desires are meant to only be used within the bonds of marriage. God has a purpose for marriage--so that the family is stable. Anything stimulating those desires outside of marriage is inappropriate.

We are all human and trying our best to make it through this life. Choosing wholesome entertainment helps our lives go smoother.

The Lord's Standard of Morality

Some find this article controversial because the author stated that women usually get the kind of man they dress for. Some women were upset about this article because they felt that it excused men from being responsible for their thoughts and actions. The author states later that men and women have a responsibility to control their own thoughts. We women show respect for ourselves and for all men when we dress modestly. Women who dressed modestly and still ended up with a jerk are upset about this comment too. Unfortunately, these women are the exception, which the author can't address every exception. The Lord has compassion on these women--and all men and women.