May 17, 2014

Hating the Opposite Sex

Marriages and relationships fall apart because females hate males, or males hate females. Why should there be enmity between males and females? The devil loves to create divisions along the lines of male versus female. That has been one of his tools since the beginning of time. Enmity between the sexes frustrates the plan of God for marriage and stable families.

A woman hates men because she had a bad relationship, but that doesn't mean all men are bad. A man hates women because he had a bad relationship, but that doesn't mean all women are bad. An apple tree will have good and bad apples. Just because you ate the bad apple, doesn't mean that you still can't find a good apple.

That "bad" apple may not be bad at all. It may just be your perception. Most people are not all bad. We look for the negative instead of the positive in the opposite sex. There will always be something to not like about someone. Look at Jesus--so many people still hated him and he was perfect. Ironically, sometimes the best people are most hated because they speak the truth.

So rethink when you man-bash or woman-bash. You are serving the devil. We all fall into the trap and we can do better.